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Spring Maintenance

Spring is popular time of the year to get some much-needing cleaning done in and out of the house. Here are some of my tips to keep your house properly maintained and ready for the warmer weather . . .

  1. Check the ground level around your house to make sure there is a distance of 6-8 inches between the dirt and the siding. Bugs and rot can get behind the siding if the dirt comes up too high.
  2. Make sure your gutters and drains have no leaves or debris to clog them up. This will prevent leaking drains when the spring rains are at their highest.
  3. Change your furnace filter if it's dirty.
  4. Check for gaps, holes, or missing soffet pieces at the roof overhangs to keep the animals away. I once had a customer whose cat was getting into the attic through a hole in the soffet.
  5. Check that the fresh air intake for the furnace and hot water tank is unblocked and clean. The intake has a small mesh cover and can usually be found in a direct line from the furnace. Use a small brush, like a toothbrush, to clean it.
  6. Turn your water shut-off valves off and then on again. This exercise keeps them from seizing up.

This little bit of maintenance should help your house function as it should. Enjoy your spring!

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